How long will it take to receive a trademark registration once a trademark application is filed?

The timing of trademark registration will vary depending on the type of application filed and issues arising from the trademark examiner’s review or during publication of the trademark.  Types of Trademarks Applicants Most trademarks are filed as either an “In-Use” (1a) or an “Intent-to-Use” (1b) trademark application.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office “USPTO” has published a relatively easy to … Read More

Is it Time to Franchise My Business?

One of your customers tells you they are moving to Richmond and they like your business concept so much they would like to know if they can acquire the right to franchise one of your businesses under your trade name in Richmond.  Do you say yes or no? It depends on whether you are ready to franchise or not.  Here … Read More

When starting a franchise brand, keep it simple!

By keeping the franchising operation simple, a franchisor can channel more cash and resources to growth instead of overhead. Here are 11 tips. 1. Register Your Trademark Early Trademarks are a cornerstone to franchising, so registration is a necessity.  But it can also save you fees in states where the ownership of a federal trademark registration exempts your business concept … Read More

Going from Franchisee to Franchisor

Introduction             Being a franchisee exposes one to small business ownership, entrepreneurial and management skills, and puts you out in the business world, surrounded by other businesses, mentors, suppliers, and customers.  From this experience, an idea may spark in you to become a franchisor of a business concept, or someone else may give you such a tip. If you decide … Read More

Unit Franchise Owner v. Area Developer v. Master Franchise

Many franchisors offer prospects the option of purchasing a unit franchise, on one hand, or an Area Developer territory, on the other hand.  Often times, the terms “Master Franchise” or “Regional Developer” are used interchangeably with “Area Developer.”  When presented with such a choice, the question becomes, which one is right for you?  This article will consider some relevant issues … Read More

Benefits and Challenges of Implementing an Area Developer Program

Whether to implement an Area Developer program is a decision franchisors make at various times of their business planning.   New franchisors may question the need to implement an Area Developer program from the start, whereas established franchisors contemplating growth may wish to expand into an Area Developer program. The advantages and challenges that an Area Developer program present must be … Read More