Legal Fees

Our legal fees are truly one of our greatest strengths. We deliver world-class legal services at competitive rates without sacrificing quality of work or attention to our client’s needs.

It’s our goal to make sure our clients are always comfortable with the fairness of our billing. We strive to save you money on legal fees so you can direct those funds to marketing, manpower, and other tools to generate growth and profits for your business.

We adhere to the following billing policies:

  • Occasional “no charge” on your invoice for a short telephone conference, brief e-mail exchange, or quick office visit.
  • When both attorneys are present on client conferences, e-mail streams, or phone calls, we only bill you for the time of one attorney.  This allows a team approach and ensures that both attorneys are up to speed on your case and either one can help you at anytime.
  • We do not invoice for long-distance telephone charges, internal copying, regular first class mail charges, or fax expenses.
Our Fee Structure
Flat Fees

Many clients prefer flat fee billing.  For many tasks where the magnitude of the work can reasonably be predicted, we are able to offer a fixed flat fee that provides certainty up front as to the total cost of a project.

For initial consultations, we charge a flat $195 for a consultation up to 45 minutes.

Hourly Fees

We also offer the following hourly rates:
Attorneys:  $345/hour
Paralegals and Legal Interns:  $195/hour

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