Franchise Advertising Rules

Are there any rules related to franchise advertising material and, if so, what are the main rules? Several of the franchise registration states have rules on franchise advertising material.  Here is a summary of some of the main rules: First, franchise advertising material must be submitted to the following states

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What is a Franchise Broker?

What is a Franchise Broker or Franchise Seller ? Are there any laws that apply to them? A Franchise Seller is someone who sells franchises for a franchisor, normally for a commission on each franchise sale. A Franchise Seller needs to be listed on the Receipt pages of the FDD,

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Franchisor and Franchisee Problems

 I am an existing franchisor having trouble with one of our franchisees.  What are the next steps? As a general rule, we counsel a three step approach to dealing with a franchisee who is not in compliance with the Franchise Agreement or Operations Manual. First, it is always best to

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What is the process to renew a franchise agreement?

I am an existing franchisor and it is time to renew one of our franchise agreements. What is the process to renew a franchise agreement? A franchisor has two options when renewing a franchise agreement at the end of its term.  The easiest option, though not preferred, is to simply

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Is it Time to Franchise My Business?

One of your customers tells you they are moving to Richmond and they like your business concept so much they would like to know if they can acquire the right to franchise one of your businesses under your trade name in Richmond.  Do you say yes or no? It depends

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