Trademark Services

Trademarks identify your business, services, and goods.  Properly registering your trademarks can provide your business with a powerful asset. Registered trademarks can protect your brand and your company’s reputation. We offer the following trademark services and fees to help you register, protect, and defend your trademarks rights:

Trademark Services

Trademark Registrations

We can help you obtain a federally registered trademark for your business.

Trademark Renewals

Renewing your trademark registration is important to make sure that the USPTO knows you want and intend on using it. You must file for each renewal between 5th and 6th year, 9th through 10th years (and every ten thereafter).

Substantive Office Actions

If you received an Office Action from the USPTO, we can help you review your options and draft a response.

Trademark Infringement

Defending your trademark is important. If you believe your trademark is being infringed, we can help you explore the options for protecting it.

Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings

When someone challenges your trademark registration or you believe another company's trademark registration is harmful to your business, we can help.

Improper website domain use and UDRP claims

If you discover that a domain name is infringing on your trademark, we can explore options for cancellation of the domain registration.