Trademark Cybersquatting and UDRP

Improper Domain Use and UDRP claims

If someone uses your trademark in bad faith in their website domain, they may be “Cybersquatting” on your trademark rights.  We can help you file a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution (UDRP) claim with an approved ICANN Dispute Resolution Service Provider and take ownership of the infringing domain.   

What is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting is the practice of buying domain names that are trademarked to someone else for the sole purpose to try to resell them at a profit.

What does UDRP mean?

UDRP is a policy that requires legal interaction before a domain registrar will cancel, suspend or transfer a domain name.

We are happy to discuss your options and help you map out
a plan of attack against cybersquatters and filing UDRP compaints.