We offer counseling on issues relating to non-compete agreements.

A non-compete agreement may be found in an employment agreement or could also be in a business sale transaction. With businesses, both the employer and employee have interests to protect.  We are able to help you no matter which side you are on.

For employers, we can help you draft an effective non-compete agreement.  For employees, let us counsel you on a non-compete provision, before you sign an agreement that could affect you years down the road.  Or if you have already signed a non-compete that is affecting your ability to earn a living, let us advise you on the chances that a court might strike down the non-compete agreement.

If you are in the process of negotiating the purchase or sale of a business, let us help you determine if a non-compete should be a part of the agreement.  These clauses help protect the value of the business.

Carl founded the former website “BreakYourNonCompete.com,” which was featured on the NBC Today Show and was written up in numerous publications. The website offered legal information on non-competes, explaining what was likely to be upheld by court and also what was likely to be struck down as over-broad or invalid.