Legal Fees

We believe in fair and transparent legal fees.  We want our clients to feel comfortable with the fairness of our billing and the quality of our services. 

Consultation Fees

Hourly Fees

Flat or Fixed Fees

Many clients prefer flat fee billing. We normally price Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) rollouts on a fixed fee.  We price many of our trademark services as fixed fees also.   Other tasks, where the magnitude of the work can be reasonably predicted, we are able to offer a fixed flat fee that provides certainty upfront as to the total cost of a project.

Billing Policies

  • Occasional “no charge” on your invoice for a short telephone conference, brief e-mail exchange, or quick office visit.
  • When both attorneys are present on e-mail streams, we only bill you for the time of one attorney.  
  • We do not invoice for domestic long-distance telephone charges, internal copying, regular first class mail charges, or fax expenses.

Pay your Retainer

*A 3% service fee will be added to credit card payments.

There is no service fee for ECHECK payments.