Trademark Renewals

Once your trademark is registered, you must renew the trademark registration periodically with the USPTO.

As a trademark client, we will calendar future renewals in our trademark docketing system and notify you when they are due. We currently subscribe to DocketTrak and provide this service free of charge to clients. DocketTrak includes a trademark watch service that scans all USPTO Trademark applications every day and detects matches to your trademark. It also detects when the USPTO has determined that an application is confusingly similar to one of your existing registrations or pending applications. If we receive an alert from DocketTrak, we will notify you of any concerns.

Declaration of Use

Five Year Mark

This declaration must be filed between the fifth and sixth year after registration. You may also be eligible to file a Section 15 Declaration of Incontestability. The Section 15 Declaration of Incontestability is optional but recommended in most cases to provide additional safeguards to protect the trademark.

Around the fifth year after your trademark registration, the USPTO requires a Section 8 Declaration of Use filing.

Ten Year Mark

You must file a Section 8 Declaration of Use and a Section 9 Renewal Application between the ninth and tenth years after registration and every ten years after that.

If you would like assistance filing a trademark renewal
please contact us.

Trademark Renewals

$ 345 single class $395 for multiple classes
  • Combined Section 8 Declaration of Use and Section 15 Declaration of Incontestability (if applicable)
  • Combined Section 8 Declaration of Use and Section 9 Renewal
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